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VisionCorps Foundation is proud to support the work of people who are blind and vision impaired in Southeastern Pennsylvania, as well as programs working to provide independence to those affected with vision loss. Hear what some of the recipients of VisionCorps support have to say:

“I really don’t know what would have happened to me, or how my family would have managed if I had been working somewhere else. Unlike many employers, VisionCorps was willing to adapt to my circumstances. By modifying and enhancing the machine that I work on, VisionCorps made it possible for me to continue working. It could have been a disastrous situation, but thankfully VisionCorps had the answer!” –Sammy, VisionCorps Employee

“They taught me how to be mobile, how to take a bus, and confidently walk in a crowd. At home, it was how to use appliances, arrange and find things in my closet—to function independently. VisionCorps has given me my life back!” -Joyce, VisionCorps Client

“I’ve always handled life’s problems and worked hard. But when glaucoma took my sight I was fi lled with fear. All I did was ask, ‘What am I to do?’ ‘What about my family?’ I didn’t have any answers and I was scared. Thankfully, VisionCorps had answers for all my questions. I really don’t know how my family and I would have managed without their help.” –Mike, VisionCorps Client

“VisionCorps has been with Leiana all along—since she was three months old. With early intervention and schooling that started at age three, Leiana has developed and grown tremendously. She reads all the time and now has over 300 books. Once Leiana was shy; now she is independent!”
–Jonathan, Father of VisionCorps Youth Client

VisionCorps has been with us all along.” She smiles when she adds, “It’s ironic that through VisionCorps the boys get special treatment…so they can be normal. The boys are seen weekly by VisionCorps staff and I really don’t know what we would do without them.”
–Jenny, Mother of VisionCorps Youth Clients