2018 Winter Magnifier

January 16 2019
by Katie Phillips
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You can download a PDF copy of the Winter Magnifier 2018 here.


A woman in a blue shirt looks at her phone while standing outside in an urban area.

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Ride-sharing and technology: a letter from president and CEO Dennis Steiner

For those of us living with blindness and low vision, transportation can often be a time-consuming and stressful process. Thankfully, the accessibility of ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft have made the task of getting from “Point A” to “Point B” much easier. During the cold winter months, this is an especially helpful option.

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The front of the Fulton Theatre building

Audio described performances at the Fulton Theatre

The Fulton Theatre is deeply committed to providing access for the arts regardless of ability or financial need. Most notably, any patron using accessible services (including a caregiver) are eligible for the Pay-What-You-Can Program where YOU set the price for your ticket when you arrive for the performance.

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A VisionCorps employee sits with her hands on her keyboard with her guide dog lying below her desk.

Joining the VisionCorps Team

VisionCorps’ Mission is to empower individuals with vision loss to attain independence. Our Enterprise Group focuses on helping to achieve our Mission by employing people who are blind and vision impaired in manufacturing, food processing services, and administrative services. What does it mean to be a part of the VisionCorps team? You get an opportunity to work for a values-driven company, all while working towards being more independent.

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You can now order your groceries by phone!

Grocery home delivery service takes the computer out of the ordering process

Grocery home delivery seems to be a hot topic these days, with many retailers offering an online ordering process. But what if you don’t own a computer or can no longer use one? A company called TeleGrocers takes the computer out of the equation and allows you to place your grocery order via telephone. TeleGrocers was started in 2004 by Bill Solocki, a man who is now disabled as a result of a diving accident.

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A VisionCorps employee uses the Orcam MyEye to read the label on a chocolate bar

OrCam MyEye 2.0

OrCam MyEye 2.0 is a wearable assistive technology device for people who are blind and vision impaired that reads text, recognizes faces, identifies products, colors, and U.S. currency. It consists of a tiny 13-megapixel camera that magnetically clips to virtually any eyeglass frame.

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CCTV instructions being given to a VisionCorps employee

 CCTV Loaner Program

The VisionCorps Rehabilitation Department would like to begin  the New Year with a special thanks to all those who have donated so generously during the past  year.  In particular, we want to thank everyone who donated used equipment to our CCTV Loaner Program. This program allows  us to provide VisionCorps clients with equipment and adaptive aids they might not otherwise be able to afford.

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PenFriend 2 labeller

 PenFriend 2

For a person who is blind, one of the most frustrating problems is being able to identify various household items without sighted assistance. What’s in this can? What medication is this and how often do I take it? What color is this shirt and how should it be laundered? What CD or DVD am I putting in the player? Now that I have my new PenFriend 2, these questions are no longer an issue.

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