2019 Summer Magnifier

June 26 2019
by Katie Phillips

You can download a PDF copy of the Summer Magnifier 2019 here.


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Charles Bonnet Syndrome

Have you experienced visual hallucinations following vision loss or a decline in your vision? It is thought that roughly 20% to 50% of people who experience significant vision loss suffer from Charles Bonnet syndrome (CBS). The population having the highest potential for acquiring this is generally older adults with recent vision loss. People suffering from CBS report seeing a wide range of hallucinations ranging from simple shapes, to vivid images.

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Choosing a Smartphone

In today’s market, there are so many smart devices! In a world full of options, you may be wondering which to choose. In our experience with accessibility features, Apple devices seem to be the most accessible for low vision. Their screen reader, VoiceOver, is very user friendly and easy to use once you get the hang of it. Android devices also offer accessibility options, however; we have not found them to be as straightforward.

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Job Search Tips

VisionCorps’ Mission is to empower individuals with vision loss to attain independence. For those living with blindness and low vision, finding a job can be an important part of the independence process. Below are some tips to help with searching for employment.

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Life Enhancement Award

In 1999, World Blindness Outreach (WBO) created the Life Enhancement Award to assist individuals living in South Central Pennsylvania who are visually impaired.

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Renaissance Faire

On Saturday August 17, VisionCorps clients are invited to storm the castle and join the mirth and merriment amidst jousting knights and royal delights at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire’s Community Outreach

Weekend. Located just off the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Lancaster County, hundreds of colorfully costumed characters will fill the shire with music, dancing, and more!

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TW Pontessa & Associates

The VisionCorps Rehabilitation Department would like to begin the New Year with a special thanks to all those who have donated so generously during the past year. In particular, we want to thank everyone who donated used equipment to our CCTV Loaner Program. This program allows  us to provide VisionCorps clients with equipment and adaptive aids they might not otherwise be able to afford.

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What is the ECC?

ECC is the Expanded Core Curriculum. This specific set of skills is specifically designed for students who are blind or vision impaired. The ECC addresses skills that students will need to lead a full and independent life after high school. The ECC is appropriate for all ages of students, from toddlers to high school seniors.

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