A Home Run Q&A with VisionCorps President and CEO, Dennis Steiner

September 10 2018
by Amy Giangiulio
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The weather may be cooling off, but we’re still thinking about baseball here at VisionCorps as our President and CEO, Dennis Steiner, prepares to throw out the first pitch at the upcoming York Revolution baseball game, Wednesday, September 12! There’s still time to get tickets!

In the meantime, we’re wondering … what are some of our fearless leader’s favorite things about the game?

Aerial view of Citizen's Bank Park, home of the Philadelphia Phillies and location of the baseball pitch thrown by our CEO

Citizen’s Bank Park, home of the Philadelphia Phillies. Photo credit: Bryan Kopcik.

1)         Favorite baseball team?
“The Phillies, of course! I’ve been a diehard Phillies fan for as long as I can remember.”

2)         One baseball player you wish you could meet (dead or alive) and why.
“Larry Boa. This guy couldn’t make his high school team but worked like a dog to become a major league player, coach, and manager. I love that kind of tenacity and competitive spirit. And don’t go crazy Phillies fans, but I would also like to meet Bryce Harper and Mike Trout. These two kids are incredible. Both are great athletes, but more than that, they really understand the game of baseball and play it the right way.”

3)         Favorite stadium?
“It has to be Wrigley Field. The atmosphere there is electric. Cubs fans are the most loyal fans ever, and the ivy on the outfield walls is something every baseball fan needs to see in their lifetime.”

4)         Favorite baseball game food or snack?
“A beer and a Tony Luke’s Cheese steak. What else?”

5)         Best baseball memory?
“I took my daughter, Liz, to Wrigley Field in Chicago to see the Phillies play the Cubs. It was an amazing game; Bobby Abreu hit a grand slam and the good guys were victorious! I did manage to embarrass her, though. Every time Sammy Sosa came to bat I yelled “Corkie!” (because he had been recently caught putting cork in his bat).
Sharing the game with her is something that will always be important to me. When Liz was little (in an effort to entertain her while I watched the Phillies) I taught her to keep score. We would chart pitches and sometimes pretend we were the voices of the Phillies, doing our own play by play. Like me, she is now a member of the Phillies fandom and loves America’s favorite pastime.”

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