Embracing Change: Getting to know Tanee Wall

April 16 2019
by Katie Phillips

What is your current position? (If you’ve been promoted, what was your previous title?)
In November 2018 I got promoted to Contract Closeout specialist 2. Before I was promoted, I was a Contract Closeout Specialist.

Are you from Philadelphia? Where did you grow up?
I’m originally from a small town called Scranton, but I left Scranton with my family to live in upstate New York, specifically Syracuse. I moved to Philadelphia after a brief time in a rural city in North Carolina. I discovered traveling independently was a problem so my children’s father suggested moving to his home town, which brought us to Philadelphia!

Tanee Wall

Tanee Wall

How did you end up at VisionCorps?
I was actually told about VisionCorps through a job recruiter down at Associated Services for the Blind (AFB). A lot of people call it “919” because that’s the address, but it’s actually AFB.

What does your role entail on a daily basis?
Well, I’m part of the core team for Contract Management Services (CMS), and I’m one of the specialists on the army side. Daily tasks are researching and verifying payment systems, whether it be reaching out by phone or email. There are multiple government systems that I have to access in order to retrieve payment confirmation. For example, My job is to confirm that all payment and services have been paid and competed. Once payment has been confirmed, I have to access another government system which allows me to perform all steps to close out the contract.

I’m also the Vice Editor and the photographer for the newsletter, so we do have weekly meetings for that that I’m part of. The main difference between this role and my last one is the level of responsibility. I’m still required to closeout contracts as a specialist but now I have to be more flexible and manage my time because things can be steady one day and a change will come the next, which affects the process of how tasks get accomplished. On a weekly basis, my main goal is to be as effective and efficient as possible as a specialist.

Are there any projects or successes you’ve had recently at work that you were particularly excited about?
Right now the main project that I’m working on is a project that the CMS Philly has secured in Washington D.C. I’m extremely proud of being given that opportunity to move to Washington D.C. in support of VisionCorps, and expanding and bringing in new opportunities for people who are blind and visually impaired to live as independently as they possibly can.

We are implementing different things that are going to help them to be more efficient and effective with their process. We are gathering up their inventory to help them identify their different types of contracts, and compiling an inventory list of all the contracts that they have there. And we’re learning their payment awards system. It’s an all-encompassing system and gets closed out in that system. We’re fitting in the whole puzzle…trying to create inventory and the Standard Operating Process (SOP). This is the department of commerce. This is a different entity, so we’re trying to learn what they do.

It is an exciting new challenge to be part of an amazing pilot program and I’m confident it will be a continued success!

What is a challenge you face in your role?
I think my biggest challenge has been the same thing once I started. It’s a personal challenge: I’m not a very flexible person. Sometimes the customer has a change that comes through, and you have to change what you’re doing in an instant. I’m trying to overcome and manage that!

What is something you’re really good at doing?
I would say I’m really good at being easily approachable. I’m really good at gauging other people’s feelings, and being aware of them. A lot of people get so caught up in themselves, and not really considerate of others. So that’s one thing I’m proud of: being able to be caring and considerate of others.

What does your ideal weekend look like?
I have two children: a 7 year old and 4 year old. So, some type of fun activity. They enjoy being out and learning new things, and doing new activities. If it’s a weekend by myself, a spa weekend! A mani/pedi, facial…something like that!

Are there any recent movies or books that have had an impact on you?
The most recent book I read is Who Moved my Cheese. It talks about embracing change, being flexible, and trying to deal with situations that may arise very quickly.  It talks about two mice and two people, who had to learn how to embrace change and move forward. It was a simple book, but it was a good book.

What is something about you that most people at VisionCorps might not know?
I think I’m a really sensitive person, and I don’t think they know that. My feelings can get hurt easily.

If you could go anywhere in the world on a paid trip tomorrow, where would you go?
Anywhere warm! The warmer the better. It’s a joke in the office that I’m always cold. I have a heater under my desk. Sand, beach, anywhere warm…it would be unfair to pick one place. I’d love to go anywhere!

What’s your favorite restaurant?
I do enjoy Olive Garden. I really like the whole soup & salad combo, and pasta. I know it’s not considered true Italian food but I love it!

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