Give Local York 2020: Generosity + Gumption = Gratitude

June 10 2020
by Angela Lauer
Posted in VisionCorps

VisionCorps recently participated in the third annual Give Local York. In the days leading up to Give Local York on May 1, VisionCorps unveiled “20 Ways VisionCorps Can Help!” series on our Facebook page (also now on our YouTube Channel) focusing on tips, tricks and resources that our rehab department provides to clients. We also set a goal to receive 20 new donors and raise at least $2,020.

While COVID-19 may have changed the format of York’s largest day of giving to be completely online, it could not change York’s strong sense of community and resilience. Collectively, York County raised $3.5 million from more than $11,000 donors for 305 organizations in just 24 hours. This year’s Give Local York was the most successful in its history, even in the midst of a pandemic. VisionCorps also fared very well as our community helped us see 20/20 with the goals that we set for this year. We received 20+ new donors and raised more than $3,000 from nearly 50 donors, TRIPLE what we raised last year! This money raised for York County will go to work for our most vulnerable clients in York County working to find new ways to support from afar, including teletherapy – video meetings – as well as contacting every client by phone to check on their well-being and assess any needs they may have.

The generosity of our community at what is an uncertain and challenging time speaks volumes and VisionCorps is grateful to be part of such a generous, resourceful and caring community. Thank you!

If you are interested in learning more about VisionCorps and/or its services in York and Adams county, please feel free to reach out to Angela Lauer at 717.848.1690 ext. 110 or email

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