Holiday 2018 Insights Newsletter

December 19 2018
by Katie Phillips
Posted in Client stories

News for donors and friends of VisionCorps. For more information on services for you or someone you know, please call 717-291-5951.

A Sense of Belonging

VisionCorps youth activities challenge children who are blind or visually impaired to step out of their comfort zones and try new things.

Seven-year-old Hudson Robinson has already experienced more changes in his young life than most people do in a lifetime. For him, VisionCorps also serves as a comfort zone – a safe space to polish his social skills among people he trusts. Read more



Q&A with Tony Heath, Access Technology Specialist at VisionCorps

Vision impaired himself with Optic Atrophy, Tony Heath has worked in the field of blindness for nearly 25 years. He is responsible for the evaluation and training of blind or vision impaired clients in the use of Video Magnifiers, adapted computers and other related technologies.

Tony demonstrates, installs, provides training and support for the equipment both at the agency, and in the customers’ homes. Read More


Why I Give to VisionCorps: Lisa Shirk

I first became aware of VisionCorps through the services they offered to my grandson more than ten years ago. VisionCorps has continued to help him throughout his life.

Out of gratitude, my late husband and I decided we wanted to give back to VisionCorps. Read More


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