Life Enhancement Award

June 26 2019
by Katie Phillips
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In 1999, World Blindness Outreach (WBO) created the Life Enhancement Award to assist individuals living in South Central Pennsylvania who are visually impaired.

The award is designed to provide equipment or aid to enhance/improve the quality of life for an individual with a vision impairment. Over the past 18 years, WBO has provided computers, software, video magnifiers, home modifications and educational toys to deserving recipients. Each of these items or services helped these individuals gain more independence and made a substantial difference in their lives. Applications are now available and will be reviewed on a quarterly basis. If interested in receiving an application please call Mary Lou at 717-205-4141, or speak to any VisionCorps Rehab staff member.

World Blindness Outreach, located in Lebanon County, is a humanitarian organization created to support the volunteer efforts of dedicated doctors, nurses, and technicians worldwide. Their missions to countries around the world are helping to restore sight to indigent and disadvantaged people suffering from preventable or curable eye diseases. The Life Enhancement Award is supported through the fundraising efforts of the World Blindness Outreach.

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