Why I Give To VisionCorps: Lisa Shirk

December 19 2018
by Katie Phillips
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I first became aware of VisionCorps through the services they offered to my grandson more than ten years ago. VisionCorps has continued to help him throughout his life.

Out of gratitude, my late husband and I decided we wanted to give back to VisionCorps. We worked with our local baseball team, the Lancaster Barnstormers, to come up with a way to raise awareness for VisionCorps and at the same time, promote my husband’s insurance agency. Every time the announcers called out that the team had scored a home run hit, they would also say that VisionCorps had scored another donation from our company. It was a fun and exciting way to give.

Lisa Shirk tells Insights why she gives

Lisa (center) and family

When I was asked to serve on the VisionCorps Foundation Board of Directors, I realized it was something I wanted to invest my time in. I’ve been on the board for quite a few years now. I love being part of this wonderful organization!

After my husband died, I decided to establish a golf tournament in his memory, as golf was his favorite sport. Initially, I thought that all the proceeds would go to Johns Hopkins, where he had received treatment. But through my work on the board, I learned VisionCorps was considering eliminating their golf fundraiser, and I saw another opportunity to give back.

Today, the proceeds from Ray Shirk’s Big Swing for Sight, Science, and Research help support the VisionCorps Foundation, Johns Hopkins, and the Children’s Science Factory in Lancaster. This is our legacy — our way of showing gratitude and support to organizations that have been near and dear to our hearts.

I think of VisionCorps as light in the darkness for people with limited, impaired, or no sight. It lights the way to live on a daily basis. It helps people improve their independence and self- worth. And VisionCorps not only offers services to clients, they also offer employment. I have a dear friend who is one of their employees with impaired vision, and he feels it is a blessing.

Unfortunately, until a personal need arises, people don’t pay attention to what’s available. Yet, most people have someone in their lives with a vision impairment or disability issue. I want to help get the word out so more people will be aware of VisionCorps’ services, and many more will become supporters, donors, and volunteers.

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