Winter 2019 Insights Newsletter

April 1 2019
by Katie Phillips
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News for donors and friends of VisionCorps. For more information on services for you or someone you know, please call 717-291-5951.

A PDF of the full newsletter can be downloaded here

Areli works with occupational therapist Stacie Doan

Areli works with OT Assistant Stacie Doan to learn how to use PenFriend.

Doing Things for Herself

“With everything else that has been going on with me medically, losing my vision in one eye was the last thing I needed!” said Areli Duran Twyman of Mt. Joy. Areli has battled diabetes and two brain tumors among other medical challenges. But she remains optimistic and resilient. Read more



Maribel Surita is the first person to graduate from the upward mobility program.

Maribel learns new features of the iPad to assist in her daily living.

Maribel Surita Wasn’t Going to Be Denied

VisionCorps’ Administrative Assistant for Business Development and Marketing wasn’t going to be denied her current position in VisionCorps’ Lancaster offices. Nor was she going to be denied an opportunity to succeed in VisionCorps’ Upward Mobility program, which offered her a chance to chase down her dream and a better life for her and her loved ones. Read More


Dr. Alley is a long-time VisionCorps supporter

Dr. Albert Alley, long-time supporter of VisionCorps.

Why I Give – Dr. Albert Alley

“I’m a newcomer to the vision business, I’ve only been an ophthalmologist for 47 years,” Lebanon ophthalmologist Albert Alley joked. Helping people with vision issues has been a life-long passion, and has taken him all around the world.

In 1965, as Alley was finishing his medical internship, doctors were being drafted to serve in Vietnam. Read More


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