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Helping your Chester County neighbors with vision loss maintain their independence!

With more than 130 combined years of experience, our certified staff is here to help individuals with vision loss define and reach their goals.
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Low Vision and Blindness Services in Chester County

VisionCorps offers a wide array of low vision services and blindness services. Our team provides comprehensive rehabilitation programming to 2,000 individuals living with vision loss each year. We provide instruction in activities of daily living, sight loss support groups, as well as safe and independent travel instruction, to enable individuals to live independently and maintain quality of life. Rehabilitation Services include case management, low vision occupational therapy, and orientation and mobility.

Empowering individuals with vision loss to attain independence.

We see a world where vision loss is not a barrier to personal and economic independence.

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Giving Opportunties

VisionCorps Foundation is the fundraising arm of VisionCorps Chester County. VisionCorps Chester County is not a government agency and relies on financial support from individuals and businesses to support preventative and rehabilitative services for people who are blind or vision impaired living in Chester County. The Foundation is happy to provide a speaker for social and service clubs. Financial support for VisionCorps should be directed to the Foundation so that the funds can be invested in perpetuity to support your friends and neighbors living with vision impairments.

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