VisionCorps Foundation

VisionCorps Foundation is the fundraising arm of VisionCorps. A separate 501c3 from VisionCorps, the Foundation was started in 2007 by a Board of Trustees wanting to ensure fiscal responsibilities were being met to secure the future of VisionCorps, and to provide a way to provide grants and scholarships to people who are blind, and to programs supporting people who are blind.

VisionCorps and VisionCorps Foundation are not government agencies and rely on financial support from individuals and businesses. These contributions help to support services for people who are blind or vision impaired including preventative services, rehabilitative services, youth enrichment programs, and employment programs.

The Foundation is happy to provide a speaker for social and service clubs, and can also host these meetings at one of our facilities. Tours also are available with advanced notice. Financial support for VisionCorps should be directed to the Foundation so that the funds can be invested in perpetuity to support your friends and neighbors living with vision impairments.

Your support of VisionCorps Foundation ensures services and programs can continue in southeastern Pennsylvania for residents who are blind or vision impaired.