Leave a Legacy

One of the most honored gifts a nonprofit organization can receive is a planned gift – one that comes to fruition upon the passing of a donor. To be remembered in such a way that someone wishes to leave a legacy with VisionCorps Foundation is a humbling experience!

If you are considering leaving your legacy with a nonprofit, our hope is that as a treasured donor, you reflect on the difference you can make at VisionCorps Foundation. With a long history of planned giving, you can rest assured that your gift will be managed professionally and we will be good stewards of your support.

By considering VisionCorps Foundation in your planned giving, you can ensure that your friends and neighbors who are bling or vision impaired will continue to receive the services they need to remain independent.


A bequest in your will to VisionCorps Foundation can ensure that services will continue to be offered in the community in which you live. A trust, while giving you or a loved one income for life, may provide you with an immediate tax advantage. Your tax accountant or lawyer can help best assist you with your estate planning. Below is sample bequest language:

Specific Bequests allow you to transfer a specific sum or asset such as securities, real estate or a collection: I give (dollar amt. or list of items) to VisionCorps Foundation, presently located at 244 N. Queen St., Suite 301, Lancaster, PA 17603, for (any of its proper uses and purposes) or for (___________________(specify).

Residuary bequests allow you to transfer all or a portion of the remainder of your estate, after specific bequests have been made. I give (all or specific %) to VisionCorps Foundation, presently located at 244 N. Queen St., Suite 301, Lancaster, PA 17603, for (any of its proper uses and purposes) or for (____________________ (specify). If you already have an up-to-date will, your attorney

The Three Easiest Ways to Leave Your Legacy

While a bequest may come to everyone’s mind when considering leaving their legacy, it doesn’t cover everything. Beneficiary designations will trump a will when it comes time to distribute assets. Here are three beneficiary designations that are transferrable to VisionCorps Foundation:

Retirement Plans and IRAs

  • Retirement plans and IRAs are a great option when considering what assets to leave to charity, and which to leave to loved ones. Should a loved one be the beneficiary of your retirement plan or IRA, it is considered taxable income. However, this taxable asset, when left to VisionCorps Foundation, will retain its full value and have a greater impact on our mission.

Life Insurance Policies

  • At one point, life insurance may have been required for your family, but their requirements may have since changed. You can now use that policy to help advance the mission of VisionCorps Foundation! You can designate VisionCorps Foundation as a beneficiary for the entire policy, or a percentage. Any amount will help us fulfill our mission and will create a lasting legacy in your name.

Insurance Annuities

  • Similarly to retirement plans and IRAs, insurance annuities carry a heavy tax burden to named beneficiaries; the total growth of the fund is taxable income. By naming VisionCorps Foundation as the beneficiary of your insurance annuities, the total value will be invested in our mission. Because of this, insurance annuities are a popular planned giving choice when dividing assets between loves ones and charities.

Beneficiary designations can be changed at any time to meet your changing needs. Take time to review your beneficiaries to ensure they are up to date; experts suggest reviewing them every two to three years.

Donors who indicate their plan to support us with a planned gift will be recognized as a member of the Pauline W. Abel Society. The Abel society was named in honor of our treasured volunteer and supporter, Polly Abel. To notify VisionCorps of your deferred commitment, please complete and send this Confirmation of Deferred Commitment form to:

VisionCorps Foundation
244 N Queen Street, Suite 301
Lancaster PA 17603

For more information on leaving a legacy with VisionCorps Foundation, please contact Megan Tomsheck by dialing 717-393-5894 or emailing megan@visioncorps.net.

The information on this page is not intended to replace the advice of your attorney or financial advisor, who can best determine what planned gift is right for you and your family. VisionCorps Foundation frequently works in tandem with legal professionals to meet the needs of the donor so their legacy can best reflect their involvement with VisionCorps.