Memorials and Honorariums

Remember your loved one with a memorial gift to a cause important to them. VisionCorps Foundation deeply appreciates gifts given in memory of those who have passed, on behalf of VisionCorps, the agency devoted exclusively to services for people who are blind or vision impaired in Lancaster, Lebanon, and Chester Counties.

To make a gift in honor or memory of a loved one, please click here. Should you choose to direct gifts in memory of a loved one to VisionCorps, they may be mailed to:

VisionCorps Foundation
244 N. Queen Street, Suite 301
Lancaster, PA, 17603

Or by calling 717-393-5894; or online at


We thank those who gave in honor of:

Jerry Handel
Joshua Tooth

We thank those who gave in memory of:

Dorothy Beck
Amanda Bonga
Virginia L. Brennethum
Patrick Cloonan
Mary Frances Conway
Herman Crabtree
Gladys Cragg
Adelmino DiLucente

Sally Deisley
Michael Dukeman
Mike Duncan
Jay Rictor Gamber
Vivian Garrett
Elizabeth Gulya
Cindy Handel

Virginia D. Hayes
Margaret Hazlett
Barbara Hemperly
Regina (Jean) Henry
C. W. Hinkel
Anna Mary Huss Weaver
June Yecker


We thank those who gave in honor of:

Carter and Weston Alexander
Nevin F. Amand
Donald Ashworth
Lorna Blount
Sammy Bonano
Nancy Daffin
Joseph Joe Dougherty

Roland Forbes
Lauren Girard
Harold Carpenter Good
Joyce Harris
Marian Hines
Sandra Hoffman
Martha Hoover
Zach and Lauren Klipa

Michelle Lynch
Chase Musser
Judi Reading
Jodie Reinhart
Joanne Schreiber
Rob Stemple
Megan Tomsheck
Rehab Services

We thank those who gave in memory of:

Norma Bachman
Victoria Badorf
Mary Boone
Rufus K. Burkholder
Gladys Caughey
Mark Cluck
Shana Hernandez
Paul H. Herr
Walter Hitchcock
Sadie Hosan
Dorothy Ives
Walter Kellenberger
Martha Kent

Burt Kirkman
Ann Davis Knapp
Samuel F. Lantz
Sam F. Lantz
Diana Lowell
Alexander Lumsden
Marilyn K. Manz
Marie Martin
Charles and Edith Meyer
Ruth B. Miller
Pearl Moeschlin
Florence Palmer
Creeda Pickell

Charles Pilley
Charles H. Pilley, Sr.
Barbara (Bobbie) Pontz
Betty Rittenhouse
Dotty Shenk
William Sockolosky
Elsie Sucich
Margaret Sweigart
Paul  A. Synder
Mary Trimble
Janice E. Vreeland
H. K. Zeswitz