The Extraordinary Give

VisionCorps Foundation is proud to be a participant in The Extraordinary Give, Lancaster County’s Largest Day of Giving. This year, the Extra Give will take place on Friday, November 18, 2016 beginning at 12:00 midnight through 11:59 pm with various events taking place all over Lancaster on Friday.

Every dollar donated at on November 18 will be stretched with at least $300,000 from the Lancaster County Community Foundation, Rodgers & Associates, and other community partners.

Please consider this day in your giving plans so that your dollars can be stretched to maximize their impact on VisionCorps’ mission! Minimum donation level is $25, and be sure to choose VisionCorps Foundation!

VisionCorps Foundation’s goal is to raise $20,000 at the 2016 Extra Give! Visit us at Tellus360 on the day of the Give to get updates on what’s going on in your town.

Total amounts raised through the years with the Extraordinary Give:

2015       $18,379
2014       $14,426
2013       $11,329
2012       $7,779