Project Grants

VisionCorps Foundation supports organizations proposing projects that will advance the mission of the Foundation – to empower individuals with vision loss – within our service area in southeastern Pennsylvania. The Foundation is most interested in projects that address largely unmet needs and strongly encourages innovative thinking that can lead to breakthrough outcomes.

Grant Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of organizations can receive funding?

We support nonprofit organizations that propose to create opportunities for people who are blind. The Foundation does not fund religious or sectarian activities or requests from individuals.

How does my group apply for a grant?

Your organization is asked to send a letter outlining the project.  This letter should include the amount of money sought as well as total cost of the program that the grant will support. Please send these letters to Megan Tomsheck at or 717-393-5894.

If it is decided that your project meets the requirements of our mission, you will be contacted with details on submitting a full application to be reviewed by the Foundation Board of Trustees.

Can our grant be renewed each year?

Many nonprofits receive ongoing funding from us. Renewed funding always depends on a reapplication and evaluation process.

Will anyone from The Foundation visit our program?

Members of the Board of Trustees and/or Foundation staff may feel it appropriate to make a site visit to applicant organizations, or to organizations that have received grants.

Grant Calendar

All grant applications are due to the Foundation no later than February 1 each calendar year. Applications will be reviewed by the VisionCorps Foundation Board of Trustees and decisions will be shared no later than May 1 of the same year.